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About OATBAR.sg

We started our first venture into F&B in 2014, establishing a Macaron Distribution business producing more than 100,000 macarons so far. It is marketed under Annabella Patisserie Trading Pte Ltd, under the same company, we now venture into a new creation - Oat Bar, something we trully love and enjoy eating during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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The Story Of Our Success

Just thirty days after my advent upon Barsoom we entered the ancient city of Thark, from whose long-forgotten people this horde of green men have stolen even their name. The hordes of Thark number some thirty thousand souls, and are divided into twenty-five communities. Each community has its own jed and lesser chieftains, but all are under the rule of Tal Hajus, Jeddak of Thark.

We made our entry into the great central plaza early in the afternoon. There were no enthusiastic friendly greetings for the returned expedition. Those who chanced to be in sight spoke the names of warriors or women with whom they came in direct contact, in the formal greeting of their kind.

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Team Members

Main core of our company is our team see the best people we have

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Chef Annabell

The passionate founder who created www.ABP.sg - Macarons Business and now creating a whole new range of savory oat bar products.

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Chef Leslie

Experienced Baker for many years.

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Chef NHS

A pasty chef with over 10 years baking experience..

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Chef Hui Li

Experienced Baker for many years.

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Experienced business manager who oversees the day to day operations of the business.

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Customer focused person who attend to customers' needs and provide the best service she can.